Texas and Varadero 2012 bike training camp summary

Texas summary :
Went to Dallas at end of March for10 days. had great weather but started with 6 days pretty sick and I also had plenty of pollen allergies...So i only did 425km of road and mountain bike with my host François slowing down a lot for me, even if he was in tremendous shape. I had one huge bunk when i could not even move forward at all for a while and fell once in mountain bike. I barely managed to run 6km total...But I did many hours of table tennis and watched countless episodes of big bang theory with the Lafontaine's family! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, i avoided tornadoes in Dallas by leaving 12 hours before they arrived!

Cuba summary:
Went to Cuba in mid april for a week...Had great weather, no rain but windy. Added 525km of road bike to the odometer, along with 2 major bunks, 5km running, 2 swim sessions, 2 gym sessions, a bit of volley ball and lots of fun/suffering trying to follow Stéphane ''the beast''..Stéphane also did run 50km during the week at my personal best race pace in extra to all the road bike....And he took the bulk of the pulling against the wind...All this with his old road bike which is way heavier than mine...Thanks for the huge humility dose Stéphane!